Custom Swimming Pool Design, Build and Renovations in Northern Virginia

Allegro Pools is the company serving those Northern Virginia homeowners who are ready to build or renovate swimming pools and outdoor spaces of their dreams. We specialize in luxury pool construction including design, excavation, grading, stonework, and landscaping. We have state of the art equipment to undertake new pool construction projects and accomplish them in a professional and efficient manner.

Each pool is specifically designed to be as maintenance free as possible. We specialize in the installation of electric covers and provide the best covers in the industry. We also specialize in major renovations including pool resurfacing, tile, coping, and deck replacement.


Are you ready for a new water heater? Contact our professionally trained technicians at Allegro Pools for prompt and reliable water heater installation. We will even remove and dispose of your existing heater.


We remove the existing coping border from the pool perimeter and install coping or brick as selected by the owner. We also have flagstone or other custom borders. We grout between stones in standard mortar colors.


If your pool appears cloudy, it might be time to replace your filter. We remove and install a variety of DE and Cartridge filters based on your swimming pool needs. Call us for a pool filter replacement and keep your pool water well maintained.


We drain, clean, and prepare your pool for plastering with chip cuts around all pool fittings, lights, and waterline tiles. Existing transition tiles are removed during pool preparation. Preparation of surface scratch coat is applied prior to plaster. This is followed by an application of marble dust and white Portland cement and installation of horizontal trim tile on benches and steps.


We install tiles selected by you. Grout color is chosen to be consistent with the plaster coating of the pool. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you with the professional replacement of waterline tiles for any pool.


If you are looking for the most effective way to comprehensively clean your swimming pool, then an automatic pool cleaner is the right investment for you. We specialize in the installation of Polaris automatic pool cleaners run on booster pumps.

Enjoy an entire summer of fresh, clean and clear water.