The Premier Winter Pool Protection Services in Northern Virginia

Before winter arrives, it is important to get your pool in good shape. Pool winterizing in Northern Virginia is a pretty complex and time-consuming process that involves cleaning your pool, balancing the water chemistry, partially draining the pool, disconnecting the pump and filter, making sure all water is drained from pipes to prevent freeze damage, and last but not least, covering your pool. You can conduct this arduous task yourself, or you can trust your pool winterization to a professional pool company in Fairfax County, like Allegro Pools.

The professionals at Allegro Pools also ensure that the pool winterization process in Loudoun County is completed properly and that your swimming pool will have a long and healthy life.

Winter Protection Services include

  • Monthly inspections from November to April;
  • Water level lowered if necessary to protect against tile damage;
  • Chemicals added to guarantee a clear pool opening;
  • Deck cleared of leaves and debris using a blower;
  • The cover is checked for proper fit and adjusted as necessary;
  • Written inspection report provided;
  • Winter Protection Covers (click here for more details on covers!).

Hire a professional to get your pool set up this winter.

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